In our kitchen we have delicious dishes with a unique twist, as we taught our grandmothers.


Montuno Chicken


Chicken Montuno:

with Cuban aromatic herbs,

and natural seasoning sauce

 accompanied by seasonal vegetables.


Lamb in red wine


Lamb in red wine:

Made with exquisite Cuban wine

pepper and a touch of our native Cubania

accompanied by root vegetables

and white rice



"A delicious dish to delight the finest palates".

Roasted Pork



Roasted Pork:

Only clean meat and mild itching,

with unique and flavored taste with good Cuban flavor.

Accompanied by a delicious habanero moro rice

or black beans and white rice.

Seafood Delicacies

Seafood DelicaciesSeafood Delicacies  Seafood DelicaciesSeafood Delicacies

we hope...